Browse through our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions where you can find answers to most of your queries.

What are your work hours?

Netlings office is open from Monday to Friday 11:00am – 07:00pm IST | 7:30am — 3:30pm GMT (+5:30).

Do you work on holiday?

Our office is closed on weekends and national holidays. Those days are taken into consideration while scheduling your projects. However, If you require time-line adjustments, we can investigate the possibility of expedited delivery and possible weekend work.

Will I have access to all of the code for future?

All files related to your project are kept under GIT based version controlled system. Even after your project is finished, all your project information and files are always available through client area.

Do you also provide web design services?

Our team mainly concentrate on providing web development services. However we can recommend and/or manage your web design project with freelancers, studios and agencies specialising in the field.

Do you do modification to an existing running work?

If the project was implemented by us previously we can surely take care of any ammendments you require in future. But we don't take up edit/repair work in projects not done by us. However, if you are looking for reimplementation of existing projects, we can surely take care of that as well.

What information should I provide in my order?

The more information you provide the better, but here are a few items you’ll want to consider sending in with your order:

  • Comp file(s) of the design you want converted. See below for the various formats this can be supplied in.
  • Flattened image of how you want the page to look at first glance, without effects, rollovers, animations, etc. This is important to make sure there are not some additional layers in the source files which might be turned off.
  • Description of any requirements or special instructions. You may also want to consider including an extra layer in the source file to provide more details.
  • Javascript interactions you would like tobe implemented. Although our review team will identify the neccessary Javascript. But it surely helps, if you can list out any specific requirements.
  • Fonts. If you’re using custom fonts in your designs please provide us with source font files them so we can work with your design properly. Also specify which fonts should be replaced on the website and with what method (@font-face, Google Fonts, Typekit, MyFonts, etc.) and provide us with appropriate code snippets or generated fonts for correct implementation.
What file types you accept for design?

The most preferable source files are layered PSD files.

We also accept Illustrator AI, Fireworks PNG and Sketch files but please note that additional time will be needed to build using these design files.

If layered files are not available, we can also accept flattened designs in other formats like JPEG or PDF. For PDF source file please specify the exact dimensions in px to be used for the page. Please note that there may be cases where it is impossible or undesirable to use flattened files for particular elements. The projects with flattened designs usually require additional time.

We can also use your existing markup as a source. You are welcome to provide us with the local version of the page and we will use it for re-slicing.

When in doubt, upload the files you have, and ask your questions while sending your briefing – we will advise you from there.

Discovery & Quote
What all details you provide in a free quote?

Our reviewer will thouroughy reviews your project details and prepare functional specifications, estimated timeline, total cost and terms of payments and policies. Here is a sample quote:

Typical Responsive Blog - Free Quote

Following is an example quote for a typical Responsive Wordpress blog:

  1. Frontend Specification
  2. Wordpress Specification
  3. Timeline
  4. Cost
Frontend Specifications

Total pages:
  1. Blog Posts Page
  2. Single Post Page
  3. Archives Page
  4. 404 Page
  5. Search Page
  6. Default Page
Screen Sizes:

Responsive - Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

W3C Standards:

HTML 5.0 / CSS 3.0

CSS Framework:

Netlings Default HTML5 Responsive Boilerplate

CSS Preprocessor:


Cross Browser Compatibility:
  • IE - 9.0
  • IE - Latest
  • Firefox - Latest
  • Safari - Latest
  • Opera - Latest
  • Chrome - Latest
  • Safari - iOS - Latest
  • Chrome - Android - Latest
Devices Testing:
  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • iPad 2.0+
Print Version CSS:




Typography Settings:

- Custom Web Fonts

Dropdown Menus

Single Level

Wordpress Specifications


Wordpress templates to be implemented:

  1. Blog Posts Template
  2. Single Post Template
  3. Archives Template
  4. 404 Template
  5. Search Template
  6. Default Template
Custom Post Types & Taxonomies:

List of custom post types and taxonomies to be built:

Standard Widgets:

Styling of standard widgets available by default in WP:

  • Archives (a monthly archive of your site’s posts)
  • Categories (a list or dropdown of categories)
  • Tag Cloud (your most used tags in cloud format)
  • Recent Posts (the most recent posts on your site)
  • Recent Comments (the most recent comments)
  • Custom Menu (your custom menus as a widget)
  • RSS (entries from any RSS or Atom feed)
  • Search (a search form for your site)
  • Pages (a list of your site’s static pages)
  • Text (arbitrary text or HTML)
  • Meta (log in/out, admin, feed and WordPress links)
Custom Widget:

List of custom widgets to be built:


Dynamic WP menus to be built:

  • Top navigation
  • Footer navigation
Theme options:

Site wide theme settings to be built:

  • Social Media (Youtube, facebook, etc)
  • Copyright
Custom Short Codes:

Custom short codes to be added:

Custom Forms:

Custom input forms to be built:


Need comments section in posts?

Post formats:

Need post formats?


We can start the project as soon as you confirm. Project will be ready in 5-7 business days. Total chargeable hours will be 40hrs.


Total cost will be $480 USD (40hrs * $12)

What is Git and Gitlab?

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system. Learn to use Git in 15 minutes here.

Gitlab is an open source webapp that allows people to collaborate on code tracked by various Git repositories. It similar to popularly known Github.

Do you provide any revisions?

If by "revision" you mean "correction", then yes we'll revise it as many times as necessary to get it exactly the way you asked for it. It is covered in our unlimited warrenty policy. But, if by "revisions" you mean "changes to design or functionality" then no; any changes in the design or functionality after accepting the inital quote, will have to be requoted.

Do you charge for revisions?

We do not charge for any bugs you may find which are inside the scope of the original order. If something falls outside our scope and we feel it needs an additional charge we will let you know beforehand so there are no surprises.

What modes of payment you accept?
  • Pay using your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and DISCOVER) via Paypal service.
  • Pay using your PayPal account, if you have one.
  • Bank to bank wire transfer.
What currencies you accept?

We accept payments in US Dollars or India Rupees (INR)

What care your payment terms & process?

Your order is condidered booked once the booking amount is paid as approved in the quote. Invoice will is sent immediately after you approve to book the order.

Booking amount is generally 70% of the total cost unless otherwise is discussed and approved by you in the quote.

Rest of the payment is due immiditely after the project is completed and files are delivered or installed on your provided server

Privacy & Ownership
My projects are confidential. Can you keep them private?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our professional discretion and back it up with a binding Privacy Policy and/or Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Will Netlings name appear on my projects?

Absolutely not, we are a completely transparent service.

Will you use my project in your portfolio?

Nope, unless you give us permission to display your project on our website.