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How To Talk To Your Clients About Web Design And SEO

Your clients might know that they want web design and SEO services, but that doesn’t automatically mean that they understand how it works or what terms like “anchor text” refers to.

Essentially, selling your services is more about the benefits you offer as opposed to the technical details that go along with it. The same could be said for product descriptions as well; the specifications don’t matter as much as the problem the product solves for the customer.

Web design and SEO is the intersection of visual appeal and usefulness. There’s no point in making something look great if it serves no particular function. Likewise, there’s no sense in optimizing if it breaks the usability and design of the site. It’s the balance that matters.

Use the following tips to ensure your client communication is clear and direct.

Keep It As Simple As Possible

Consider your audience (in this case, your potential client). What is their experience, and how knowledgeable are they likely to be about design and SEO? Even if you’re talking to a tech-savvy entrepreneur or digital marketer, odds are quite good that they don’t know as much as you do. Therefore, you should cater your presentation to your potential client.

When you’re pitching, you have to keep things simple. Talk about the benefits that will be gained from your campaign initiatives. Talk about what you can help your client achieve. Avoid technical jargon and a blow-by-blow analysis of the strategies you will be implementing.

A master in any field knows how to simplify a concept and explain it clearly to its pupil. In like manner, your pitch and reporting should be easy enough for anyone to understand.

Do Your Research & Get To Know Your Prospect

Really think about this for a second. Although it’s a hard reality to face, a lot of people get spammed by those who are supposedly offering their web design and SEO services via email and other channels. What makes you different?

There’s an extra hurdle to jump over when you’re offering these types of services, because you have to establish credibility and trustworthiness upfront. A lot of people are cynical about web design and SEO these days. The easiest way to gain trust is by doing your research. Learn as much as you can about your prospect’s website and business needs before pitching to them.

Keep in mind that your services have to complement your client’s business objectives. Take some time to figure out how you fit in. You’re not there to perform a service as much as you are there to support the goals of your client.

Establish A Sense Of Realism With Your Client

Both web design and SEO can take a lot of time; particularly SEO. If your client doesn’t know what to expect, they’re going to demand results when you’re not even close to getting to where they would like to be.

You have to clarify expectations upfront, and help your client understand that SEO takes time. The efforts you put in today probably won’t bear fruit tomorrow. A long-term mindset is required; not just of you, but of your client as well.

Make sure it is understood that results won’t show up in a day or a week. You can certainly get a lot done in a day or a week, but search engines aren’t going to register it and adjust to it right away. Search engines rankings can be improved, but not overnight.


More than likely, you will need to learn to overcome some objections when talking to potential clients. The points they raise may be legitimate, so avoid getting into arguments. Instead, agree with their points, and help them to understand how you’re going to deal with their concerns. Stay focused on the benefits of your services, and don’t get carried away with technical details.

Both web design and SEO are highly valuable. They take time as well as technical expertise. Help your clients see the value in what you do.


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