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Introducing PilotMailer – Simple HTML email testing tool

I am glad to introduce to you PilotMailer. PilotMailer is an email testing tool that allows you to quickly test your HTML emails in real time for campaigns, newsletters and others before sending them to real recipients.

PilotMailer is a simple email testing tool that allows you to paste in HTML and CSS of an email and send it few inboxes. Simple as that sounds, it can be quite tricky to deliver a test of the template or email you’re working on—even to your own inbox. Many mailing service or ESP like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ExactTarget, and Silverpop also offer email testing integrated into their email delivery process, but there are often many steps involved. Secondly, depending on the ESP it may cost you to maintain an account with the ESP. If you just need to send few test email for testing it would be better to use a lightweight standalone email testing tool to quickly test you HTML emails.

As a PSD to Email service provider we spend a lot of time testing HTML emails for our clients. We experienced first-hand the difficulty in setting a quick and smooth workflow of sending test HTML emails for cross-platform testing. That’s why we built PilotMailer to help our team as well as others in the same situation. PilotMailer reduces that workflow to a single click. It’s really handy. Here are quick lists of features that PilotMailer offers:

  1. Multiple Recipients – You can send a single test to upto 10 email addresses at once. This allows you test rendering of your HTML email in real mailboxes yourself.
  2. Auto-Inline CSS – For the best HTML e-mail delivery results, CSS should be inline. PilotMailer does it for you every-time you send a test mail.
  3. Test Multi-Part Email – Include a plain text version of your email along with the HTML part to test both scenarios easily or let PilotMailer generate one for you automatically based on your HTML part.
  4. Save Tests – You can save your test in your account so that you can update or resend tests anytime later.

We’re excited to launch PilotMailer and really look forward to improve it further with help of feedback from community. We will continue to offer PilotMailer as a free, standalone tool for you to perform quick tests for newsletters and templates. Our own team uses and loves PilotMailer, so we understand the importance of keeping its functionality updated.

If you’ve not used PilotMailer yet, why not take it for a spin? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Dipesh Batheja

Dipesh Batheja is Managing & Technical Director at Netling, a prestigious name in the web development industry. The company is known for providing the best front-end (PSD to HTML) and Wordpress development services to clients across the globe.

Apart from managing, architecting, Dipesh also has a passion for writing and he loves to create informative, quality and well-researched content for his audience. He has a deep interest in writing on the latest trends in web design and development.