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15 Useful Responsive Web Design Tutorials

A lot of effort and thought go into creating a good web design. If your web design doesn’t work for all screens sizes, those efforts can just go to waste. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, more people are accessing the internet through devices that feature smaller screens. A responsive web design is often the answer. 

If you’re wondering how to go fully responsive. We have listed the 15 best responsive web design tutorials that are suitable for beginners as well as experienced designers. Here’s is the list:

1. Responsive Web Design For Beginners

With a large share of web users falling in the mobile sector, creating responsive web designs with “mobile first” has become inevitable. This tutorial has been created especially for the beginners in the field of creative web design. The tutorial consists of 5 modules which are further divided into smaller lessons.


2. How To Turn Any Website Into A Responsive Site

This tutorial is ideal if you already have a website. The web design tutorial teaches you to turn any website responsive with the use of some basic CSS, HTML optimization, WordPress, and jQuery plugins along with an explanation of different devices, viewports, browsers, and more.


3. The Pro’s Guide To Responsive Web Design

The article by Justin Avery addresses various basics and advanced techniques. The main focus of this tutorial is to have a strong foundation before plunging into the advanced and exciting techniques.


4. How to Do Responsive Web Design in the Real World

A video tutorial by Matt D Smith where he talks about how creative web design involves clients, colleagues and stakeholders which takes the difficulty of the task to the next level. The video shares his insights on how to handle people and pixel both, when creating a responsive web design.


5. How to Make Responsive Business Websites with Templates

HTML templates help you build a responsive website without having to learn responsive web design from scratch. This tutorial will guide you in understanding the requirements, structure and functioning of an HTML template. You can also learn how to replace information and customize the template using CSS modification.


6. Create a Responsive Layout with CSS Grid

CSS Grid Layout helps build responsive websites suitable for all viewports. However, the CSS Grid Layout is not a replacement to Flexbox or Floats when they are used in combination, resulting in exciting layouts. This layout will help guide you build a creative web design using a grid.


7. Responsive Website Navigation

A well-designed navigation page is an essential aspect of a responsive web design. This easy-to-follow and understand tutorial by Thoriq Firdaus is about responsive website navigation.


8. Introducing Responsive Web Typography with Flowtype.JS by JD Graffam

Typography is gaining popularity each day and soon it will become a prerequisite to know how to create responsive type. This written tutorial is a must read if you are learning about responsive web design. 


9. Responsive Typography Tips

In a responsive web design, the font size, spacing and layout should work harmoniously in order to create an elegant and legible text setting in all viewports. This written tutorial deals with 9 crucial responsive type tips on how to implement all aspects of typography.


10. Responsive Typography Techniques

In this tutorial, designer and consultant Val Head talks about the importance of text scaling in a responsive web design.


11. Scalable Navigation Patterns in Responsive Web Design

The article focuses on how we can deal with deep navigation in a template environment. Since the lessons are based on Michael Mesker’s experience working on a large responsive web design, these are great if you are working on a project in real time.


12. Understanding Responsive Images

An important aspect of responsive web design is responsive images. The tutorial is great to understand what are responsive images, how they are related to responsive web design and various techniques to make an image responsive. This is extremely vital for images which need to be displayed a certain way, such as a logo design.


13. Convert a Menu to a Dropdown for Small Screens

As we venture into the “Mobile First” age, this tutorial helps you solve the tricky problem, creating a menu for responsive websites. The topic of menu scaling is addressed and discussed in the tutorial by designer Chris Coyier.


14. Responsive Data Tables

Tables are great for presenting data on the web in an appealing manner. The tutorial is a step-by-step guide for the concept of HTML and CSS behind the finished tables.


15. A Quick Guide to Vertical Breakpoints

Breakpoints are essential to choosing a certain point where you would like to alter the layout of your website to make it responsive. This guide shows you when a vertical breakpoint can be used and how you can control them.


Wrapping it up

Today, Responsive web design has become an integral aspect of creative web design. You no longer need to design separate layouts for different displays. These tutorials help you gain a better understanding of various techniques that help while creating a responsive web design. 

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